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The Greatness of Torah Learning is study simply for its own sake!

Yeshiva Torah Lishma of Tzfat

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Ahavas Yisrael, Love of ones fellow Jew is the key to unlock the mysteries of the Torah;o)
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Becoming a Tzaddik doesn't have to just be a dream

Why Tzfat, Israel?

  The Zohar teaches us that the Moshiach will first arive in Tzfat and that is the place where the redemption will begin. HaRav Gedalya Kenig Z'T'L understood from this the importance of rebuilding the calaber of Torah study in Tzfat. We follow in his footsteps and introduce to you, Yeshiva Torah Lishma of Tzfat...   
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Our Goals
Starting a Yeshiva is no simple matter. It is a tremmendous responsablity to instill and shape in another human being fear and love of Hashem. 
Many people look at a fellow Jew who is not so learned as a person on a lower level then themselves. We understand that this is the exact opposite of the Truth. Many unlearned Jews walking the streets possess souls from the highest of worlds. Having a very spiritual soul left untouched by the great light of the Torah, they become lost in a world of materalizm which seems to fail in its attempt to quench their spiritual needs. These holy Jews are exactly the students we want for our Yeshiva. Please join us so we may not only teach quench your thirst for Torah but in return receive from you all the greatness your soul yearns to share will the world!
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Trips and Learning at holy sites!

When a person stands in a holy places, it makes an impact on their soul. On a regular basis, we have classes in places like the cave of Rebbe Shimon Bar Yochai. This gives the student a true feeling of closeness to his learning.

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Hashem has promised that if you give to help others, your money will be returned in full!

Please Help us by donated $1.00 or more Today! We are in the process of buying a building here in Tzfat, we need your generous contribution desperately.